In 2018 I created several sets of letter magnets with a size of 7 x 7cm using iron-on beads. The letters have magnets on their back and can be placed on metallic surfaces. Each letter has a specific color code, but each item is designed with a unique pattern. So all letters look different.


Size: 7 x 7cm
Total items: Unlimited (each item will be designs on request)
Year: 2018
Price: 4€/letter (+ 5€ shipping in Germany; + 8€ shipping in EU)

Each letter has a specific color code.
You can put them on every metallic surface like a fridge.
The LETTER MAGNETS are perfect to create names. A nice present for friends and family.


If you are interested in buying a letter magnet, send me an e-mail: info[at]sebastianbash.com or contact me on instagram.